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Peewee Tennis
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Junior Development Programs --

Progressive Tennis
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for men & women

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Adult Progams

Path to Tennis Success, a quick walk-through

New in tennis

Adults Introduction to Tennis
Youths After-school Programs

I play tennis

AdultsLevel 2.0 and above
YouthsHigher level
Book a court
  • play with friends
  • rent a ball machine
  • practice serves

Maintenance &
game advancement

Gain the benefits of training & playing regularly

  • Join Advanced Tennis classes 3.0+
  • Book a court to play with friends
  • Call us to lookup another player
  • Rent our ball machine
  • Practice your serve

Fine-tune your game in a fun way. You will be matched against a variety of players allowing you to try different strategies. …read Round Robin.



Kick it up a notch. Test your game against other players—compete in our 2014 Club Singles Tournament (Spring).

Register at the front desk.

What we do

We are a tennis training and development facility

Identification and training of youngsters with potential

Your child is at that crucial developing stage in their lives. They're absorbing the opportunities around them and stretching out the horizons of their abilities and talents. We know that you would love to see your child(ren) excel at advanced levels at anything they choose to pursue. At The Tennis School, we'd be glad to aid your child's growth in tennis via our elite coaches.

While our coaches are able to train all ages, a talented youth is considered the richest age to learn. No matter your kid's experience levels, our coaches are able to learn with your child's abilities, and hoist their potentials to advanced stages. As their guardian, you will be informed of the challenging yet fun training they experience. The Tennis School is where you can watch your child grow and improve, not only as a tennis player, but as a talented young person with limitless potential.

We don't just believe in practice and training. We believe in engaging in the practice and training. Instilling the passion and enjoyment in the hard work creates the drive a child needs and is perfect for optimal success that keeps growing. The Tennis School actively balances work and play, and infuses them in your child's learning to guarantee longterm talent and enjoyment of the sport that we love.

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    Did you know

    We house our tennis courts with an air-supported covering (a "bubble") from September to May for year-round play.

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    Our court surface has an added shock-absorption layer that reduces the stress impacted on knees, hips and ankles. They are great to play on!

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    We also have 3 Hutchinson’s sand beach volleyball courts, an outdoor clubhouse/patio and an indoor lounge area; more…


?What's Happening On the tennis court

Apply for 2016-2017 membership and continue playing tennis indoors through the cooler months.

Schedule of tennis activities

After-school Programs

Open to youths of ages 4 to 17. Drop by for an evaluation.

To ensure a spot, please enroll at least 1 month before the start date.

Daily Tune-up Games

Open to non-members, members, men, women, seniors and teens. Attendees will be matched to play 2 hours of singles, mixed or doubles.

To ensure a spot, please book early.


Open to non-members and members. Win or not, there are prizes to be won.


To compete to obtain national ranking, visit Tennis Canada's Tournament Finder.


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